Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We're getting ready for our Hard Launch

We're about there with the site! The content and overall feel of the website is coming together well, but we're working out the little quarks at the moment. 

The content is getting finalized with good, reliable information that I'm sure people will find very useful and informative about acquiring travel documents. We want to add extra bits of information like weather reports, time zone information, currency converters, and related product lists.

Our hard launch for our site is set for July 15, 2009.

Please stay in touch and give us your comments regarding the site. The more specific and constructive, the better for all of us.

Also check out our parallel blog for more information on Medical Tourism. We're hoping to make this a very big component of our OneEasyVisa site and introduce people to the FACTs about Medical travel and particular destinations by surgery types. We want to offer people the low-down on the fundamentals of having surgeries abroad, i.e. the accreditation of hospitals and the qualifications and credentials of individual doctors. There's no other way of reducing the risks, even here in the United States. The other part of our interest in medical tourism is the examine the industry, the global economics, and healthcare insurance providers.

Check out our weekly posts and updates at OneEasyVisa.  

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